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Guided Trips

Gotland Sea Trout - Coastal fly fishing

SEK 1550 per person

Gotland is where I live and spend most of my time. Sea trout is my favorite fish to guide on, beautiful, strong and challenging. The period March to May is the time of the year I would recommend.  There are about 800 kilometers of shoreline so there is plenty to discover. My goal as your guide for Gotland sea trout is to show you how to be more effective in understanding different conditions, how to fish them and hopefully help you net several in a day but what Gotland is mostly known for is its great size fish, those are what thrives me.

Tjuonajokk Dream Pack - River fly fishing

SEK 37 900 per person

The legendary Tjuonajokk lodge has become known worldwide for its great fishing. This is our most expensive destination because of its extreme location in the mountains. Here is a package that includes six days with a guide. I first practiced driving this river in 2009 and can now drive more than 35 kilometers of it so I as your guide can definitely spice up your trip and show you the unique places in the river system and point you to the biggest pike and trout in the river. Perhaps also to the biggest grayling in your life.  

Tjuonajokk Mountain Mamas - Lake fly fishing

SEK 25 800 per person

Tjuonajokk has a unique pike fishing in beautiful surroundings. The pike here is extremely strong. We fish from both the shore and from a boat in moving water and in still lakes. Not many are fishing pike here and as your guide, I can make an obvious difference since most of the areas can only be accessed with a guide and I spent a substantial sum of summer days in my entire adult life fishing pike here, I probably know this pike fishing more than anyone else. Early July is my favorite for the best amount of pike since they are near the shore then after spawning. In late August we often catch big pike from the boat. Midseason can be a bit slow if it is not days with "pike weather" A Pike trip can, of course, be combined with Grayling and Trout fishing.  

Fly Out Ältsån - Exclusive mountain stream

SEK 11 000 per person

A beautiful small stream I first visited in 2016 and fell in love with. Crystal clear water and bright bottom perfect for sight fishing. Breathtaking pools that sometimes have trout of impressing size. To spice it up, even more, the upper part of the stream has arctic char early in the season. This river can only be booked with me or another guide at Fish Your Dream. We will, of course, help you with the local knowledge and great service. 

Mankeforsen - Exclusive mountain stream

SEK 8600 per person

Mankeforsen is an exclusive part of upper Vindelälven, a trout stream with clear water and sight fishing. A package with helicopter, guide, accommodation and meals. It can only be booked with me or another guide at Fish Your Dream

Trophy Trout trip - River fly fishing

SEK 11 800 per person

Fishing for large migrating brown trout in the Vindel river requires knowledge. The best chance to catch them is in the special stretches. I use to book a special stretch for at least one day per year and I also do a lot of fishing in the public waters. This package includes two days on special stretches and three days with a guide. 

Predator week - Lake and river fly fishing

SEK 8500 per person

The surprise target. Ammarnäs has a great population of Lake Trout and Northern Pike. This fishing in June for big predators has quickly become a favorite time of the year for me. They are both aggressive and fished with big streamers. We fish from the river bank and from a belly boat. Since this is before the peak season for Grayling and Brown Trout we can offer a great price for this trip.

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Fish Your Dream offers other guiding's as well but these are the once you can book me as your private guide. If you find my work here on the blog inspiring and want to meet me on a guiding, email me at and mention that you want "Guide-Robert"

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