About me

My name is Robert Hansson and I'm a Full-time Guide and Fly casting instructor. I live on Gotland and work for Fish Your Dream, and it´s sister company Björk Experience.

That means that I travel between all three destinations we work at. Tjuonajokk is a mountain lodge you can´t reach by car, Ammarnäs is a small mountain village where there is only one road to the village and it ends there, Gotland is an island where you have to travel by ferry or plane to get to. What first attracted me to these places was the great fishing but what I really enjoy with working at these places is that people I meet here and people I guide have taken the time to be there. No one is just passing by on the way to something else. You are there to be there and that is something I really appreciate and it helped me realize the meaning of being present in the moment wherever I am and have time for those I meet.    
Since 2017 I am also Co-Owner in Fish Your Dream and Björk Experience.  


My sponsors are Vision - fly fishing gear developer and Fly Dressing - supplier of fly tying and fly fishing gear. 

Marketing is something I do for many companies but mainly the ones listed above. Both doing content in video, photography and in text. On the start page "Home" the gallery contains examples of what I do. Click to full-screen picture for an explanation of each picture. 

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