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Deerhair use to be a struggle

More than any feather or other fur ever can do deer hair give you such an artistic possibility if you know how to use it! Step by step; here is a few things to be aware of to instantly improve your deer hair work!

  • Tight thredwraps, you want to be able to trim tight down to the hookshank so you don’t want any threadwraps not even a little loose. Make etch wrap count and keep it tight!

  • Dynema thread is absolutely amazing and the only thread I use nowadays! They are incredible, so strong and comes in super thin versions like 50 denier, they are incredible I think of how good they are every time I use it!

  • Use a packer or your fingers to pack the head together for better result.

  • Use a hairstacker for less "buggylooking" and more elegant flies. As I said; deer hair is an artform, a deer hair diver with stacked and perfect length tips can look truly amazing.

  • Razorblade is what I use for trimming! And a square cut instead of a rounded head is better for swimming abilities and so easy to do with a razorblade.

  • Superglue in gel form is something every flytier should have! Good for attaching epoxy eyes on any difficult material including deer hair.

Everyting in this list is so far very easy to do, if you like to take the next step and try something more difficult that would be blending colors, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it looks. Have a look at this flytying instructions with @andreas13andersson it was actually he’s leming flies we used when filming Fly Tv Mountain Mamas in Tjuonajokk.

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