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Catch the spirit of autumn coastal fishing

Watch the pictures by Albin Hillert. Some of you may know Albin from Tjuonajokk were he was my coworker back in 2010. It was nice meeting up with my old friend! This time we met he was on a visit to us in FishYourDream HQ on Gotland in November. He is a professional photographer that can capture the nice angles and beauty of fly fishing because of his background of guide and his interest in the sport. Here is a selection of the photos he took.

From the moment he arrived with the ferry to Visby brought him outside as much as we could, into the nature and in the search for coastal sea trout. He joined us on two guiding's and then we did some spare time fishing one day. The fishing wasn't as good as we had hoped, nice conditions and a lot of followers but for some reason they were not willing to bite that often. It's a clear sign that the sea trout aren't in a good mood when you catch more rainbow trout than the fish we were actually targeting, we really tried hard during these days but the big sea trout as often when you bring the big camera to the water can get a bit camera- shy. The pictures he took are awesome despite of it and at least we caught some fish! The big fish will come another day.

Thank you for the visit Albin!

It's quite typical for autumn that some days the sea trout are really tricky and other days you have great fishing for those big and strong individuals of pure silver! During spring our results are more even than during the fall. Even if there have been bad days this season I have a better season and more stable result than last year! October and November have been unusually windy and I think many stayed inside this year. You don't have to fear the wind, it may make it more difficult to find the fish but the results are often just as good or better. It may require more knowledge of the area in a windy day but don't give up!

It's not without saying that I am extra nervous to meet up with the guests in the morning when I know it's going to be a windy day, but it often turns out okay. What I really like about Gotland on days like that is that the island is not too big and not too small. You can quite quickly move from one angle in the wind to another if necessary and there are always places you can fish.

Going out facing the toughest wind is not the best option on days with 20 m/s wind. Many spots that for me always been the best areas for catching fish in October and November haven't been fished at al this season because it has been way to windy! Every day and every season gives new stories, challenges and memories. That's why I will continue doing this for a long time!

Stay and look at the slideshow below of a few selected pictures from Albin or watch Full gallery from Albin's Gotland visit

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