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2016 in rewind

Just like YouTube does it's time for a rewind and see and analyse what happened during the year and read about what to come. I don't think YouTube have as much planes for 2017 as I do...

If you have taken part in these very irregularly published texts since the beginning you have seen and been a part of my first year in operating my own blog, or nine months to be precise but with this year ending it's a new chapter beginning. Thank you for taking your time to visit my page, even if this is your first time here! You have come to a category based platform where you can read about what interest you and explore further topics in the same interest. Just click the banners above the blog post you found helpful.

Look back on what happened here since March when this project started thank's to my friend Jonathan Åström and you will find one common theme to everything I have done until now. I committed to focus all my time to fish for the shape shifting mysterious species of trout, the bigger the better! No pike, no perch, no salmon, no arctic char, no flounder and no boxfish... Yes boxfish really exists! I committed myself to this path and I'm so thankful I did because I have learned so much!

I committed to focus all my time to fish for the shape shifting mysterious species of trout, the bigger the better!

Taking this commitment have lead to further knowledge about what fly patterns and retrieve that works the best for the Gotland sea trout and discovered some surprising conditions they just love! And studying the spooky migrating trout in the Vindel river all summer lead to a lot of knowledge about them and what attracts their attention. I have also practiced the fishing in new and very exiting small streams with surprisingly big brown trout in the Swedish mountains I would just love to tell you more about!

I spend a lot of time guiding and fishing myself at some of Sweden's best places when it comes to fly fishing and I feel like I have so much more to show from each place, therefore I'm determent to proceed with the blog trough 2017 as well. You have to listen to your body to what it tells you is right for you and what I really trying to learn now is to find the value of every single day.

What I'm going to do next year is not the opposite to this year and trying to catch as many species I can but instead use every day as good as I possibly can and experience as much as I can. Being on the right spot at the right time is never easy and happens very rare if you don't plan ahead. Try do the same and ask yourself whats the best thing you can do of January, whats the best thing you could do of February and so on. No matter if it's in planing economical wealth in the next year or spend all you money on fishing trips, this is a useful tool!

Questions to you as a reader:

Perhaps you want to be presented here on the blog? So far I have done al the posts myself but the blog is called "flyfishing BY robert" and that can be interpreted in many ways. Tell everyone about your experience to complete any of the topics I have or perhaps share your story from your visit to FishYourDream in Ammarnäs, Gotland or Tjuonajokk.

What are you interested to read about? The greatest response I get so far is from writing about fly patterns and equipment. There will be other topics in the future and at the same time we bringing the previous topics to the next level so I ask you humbly to give me your thoughts about what you would find interesting.

Here are a few possible suggestions:

Equipment: not just write about the equipment instead shared my thoughts on -

- How to use it

- Where to use it

- Strength and liability tests

- News on fly fishing equipment

- Prototype reports and testing reviews

- Other

Fly Patterns: Not just write about the fly

instead shared my thoughts on -

- How to use them

- where to use them

- Step by step instructions

- Underwater filming of flies

- News on fly tying materials

- Tying methods

- Other

Let me know what you think...

Happy new year!

Inga taggar än.
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