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Orange Spey Shrimp

Here is a version of a spey shrimp that use to work really well for me during autumn and winter months when there is really low light. If there is a coudy day in that time of year, then for sure this fly will be on my leader. This is an updated version of a fly I posted here on the blog 2017

Material list:

Hook: Partridge CS54 #4

Thread: UTC 140 - fl. orange

Tail: Ringneck Rump

Hackle - Natural

Hackle: Whiting Spey Bronze Dyed Orange

Dubbing: Ice Dub Orange

Eyes: Easy shrimp eyes - Black

Ribbing: 0,28 mm nylon

Back: Craft fur - Orange

Here is a clip of when I fished with this fly you might enjoy:

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