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Stockholm Archipelago 14-03-2016

Avoiding traffic jams have never been a problem for me when I've gone fishing before, that's how it can be fishing in Stockholm. There I would be totally lost but not this time because I had help from good company! Meet Niklaus Bauer the skillful angler from Vision/Fly Dressing.

Just before I was going to attend the Swedish sportfishing fair in Älvsjö I couldn't miss the opportunity to do some fishing close by the main capital of Sweden for the first time. I made a little gallery here of the pictures from the day, there are some more words said underneath the pictures as well. We had a clear mission this day and that was to collect a few pikes for the aquarium at the fair. And perhaps try targeting trout for a while...

I have been fishing with him several times before and he is a very skillful angler and it is off course very impressive to see him on hes home field doing what he does best just as we have seen him do in fly vs jerk.

Three things that make Niklaus Bauer stand out and be such a good angler:

1. Well organised

Never have I seen anyone having everything in such a perfection in their boat and with all the rigs and equipment as him.

2. Innovative

Niklaus is a big part of what pike fly fishing is today in Scandinavia. He has truly developed great things and keep coming up with new ideas.

3. Hard working

Always seems to be able to put in the big effort and do whats needed to succeed.

You can follow hes fishing on Instagram under the name @niklausbauer

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