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I examine a lot at what Norwegian seatrout anglers do and their flies have proven to work very good on Gotland, here are one of the classics witch translated into English would be named "raccoon"

The innovative fly tier Marcus Zetterblad also known as @l0ranga is pushing for this pattern a lot! It is a must have in the flybox and off course it is so in mine! It already delivered some serous good fish this season!

You can do different tweaks of this pattern, here it got a hen spey hackle in the back and quite a pale red dot. Both the spey hackle in the back and the dubbing is discreetly florescent.

This fly works well along with a fast retrieve but I use to stay to the classic retrieve with long pulls and time in between to let it sink a bit and its there the soft spey hackle really makes a difference in the appearance to the classic version.

Hook: Partridge CS54 #4 Eyes: Chainbeads black Tail: Withing hen speyhackel grizlzy/shell pink Back part: Fine UV ice dubbing raspberry Front part: Sealfur natural mixed with a little bit of Fine UV Ice Dub Pearl Hackle: Grizzly rooster cape

When we filmed the Fly Tv squeeze episode in May on Gotland there were two flies that stod out and worked well. Check out the video and see what flies it was. Can you guess what fly that is next to come in my series of seatroutflies?

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