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Jiggy Fly

This is one of my absolute favorite flies, I used it for the first time this season here and gosh it made me happy when just minutes later i held a fish. Not the most pretty fish but I almost had forgotten what a take on a jiggy fly felt like!

Many ask me what flies I have in my flybox and what works best on Gotland. Its easy just saying numerous of flies but after a second thought I decided not to ad any standard seatrout flies that I actually not use or don't catch fish on to my seatroutflies list. To make things more interesting I will try to get a new picture with a fish caught on etch fly before I ad it to the list! So al these flies I actually use and they work!

The jiggy fly has proven to work really good the last few years @ellingsenmartin showed me its efficiency when he came with this fly to one of my guidnings back in spring 2014!

When do I use a jiggy fly?

When i see a lot of bait fish in the water, That's normally most common in warmer water from 6 degrees and warmer.

What colors do i use?

Almost only florescent chartreuse actually, but also versions in brown, black, white and red.

How do I fish it?

Long pulls and often very fast! Mine almost weigh 2 grams so they are a lot easier to handle with a shorter stiffer leader and at least a seven weight rod. Personally I like to always bring a separate "jiigyflyrod" and thar is a Vision Kust eight weight and a 9 fot 0X fluorocarbon leader to it.

I tie it in an open loop and just because it is so heavy they sometimes can break the loop they are tied in if you use a to thin nylon or fluorocarbon.

See how to prepare the head here: Making some heavy Jiggys for Gotland/@l0ranga

Hook: Partridge Attitude Streamer #1 Weight: Cone head Large silver, Led wire Wing: Bucktail white (non fluorescent), Flashabou Accent mirage, Bucktail chartreuse (fluorescent), one grizzly feather on etch side. Head: Epoxyeyes 4mm gold, UV glue

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