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A day on Rio Puelo 05-10-2015

Somewhere in the Patagonian wilderness there is this beautiful Rio Puelo, home of gorgeous rainbow trout, brown trout and in season king salmon. I got the pleasure to fish these waters when attending the Adventure Travel World Summit in Puerto Varas, Chile.

It has definitely been a thing on my bucket list to do before I die and it feels almost like sheeting doing it so randomly when I was in the area. The summit of Adventure Travel Trade Association include a day of an adventure of your choice, meeting the other delegates but Per owner at FishYourDream and I was quite distracted by the possibility to actually go fishing! Sure we met a few other people in the same line of interest but most of the time we were all alone with a local guide showing us the area. Not bad at al if you ask me! You guys who are familiar with the fishing on this side of the world will probably raise your eyebrows when you see we are fishing as early as in the beginning of October and yes that is not peak season. But we experienced the great nature surrounding this river, held some of their smaller inhabitants for a while and it got us wanting more!

We stayed at Posada puelo lodge during the day and were driving these light alumacraft boats along the river, weather is constantly changing and in the clear moments you could se more than a handful volcanoes in the surroundings. The river was super cold and high so sinking lines and big streamers was the way to catch them and it worked surprisingly well and we caught more than ten Patagonian rainbows and browns, the first ones ever in our lives! And what a rush it was realizing that was when it now is a fact that I have done it.

A big thank you to Per Jobs who gave me the possibility to attend and experience Chile and some of it's fishing! I have to go back sometime!

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