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Bibio - a fly you need every third year

It’s an insect that can emerge in big numbers in the Swedish mountains, it seems like they emerge only in one of three years but when they do you wished you spared a row in the flybox for these guys!

Bibio is a large two winged insect, about 1 cm long and wide as a caddis so it’s a meaty snack for the grayling and trout. It doesn’t look like it at all but it’s a kind of mosquito and for its size you should be happy it won’t bite you! They only hatch if the temperature is high enough in the summer, if there is a lot of snow during the winter before sais to bare a factor as well if the hatch will be great or not!

The great flytier Marc Petitjean took some time off the water when he visited us In Tjuonajokk last summer to show how he ties a bibio pattern with mainly cdc. It’s a quite simple pattern and a fast tie so it’s a good chiose when tying bibios. Check it out and tie a handful of them for your trip up north to the Swedish Lapland this summer!

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