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Flashy Wolly Bugger

Its nice when something fresh from the vise gives result, both for my guests and myself! I made half a dussin right away of this pattern last week. There is no coincidence that it works so good, wolly bugger is a great pattern that's used worldwide and if I could only pick one color for autumn sea trout it would probably be copper.

Even if its something I prefer for autumn fishing this will be a pattern you can use all year around, typical food for sea trout it may imitates is an eelpout or a worm of some sort. Other nice colors to try for the coast can be: olive, pink, sand and the color combination red/black is also by some unknown reason "B3 bonker" I really recommend that color combination to!

Smaller sea trout from last weekend when I was out fishing with @ensimon this pattern proved to be one of few that caught fish.

The wolly bugger was early mentioned in the book "Good flies" in one chapter by the trout bum legend John Gierach.

I look forward to a long period at Gotland now with a lot of fishing in the Baltic sea. Still several spots available on join in guiding later this season if you want to come over...

Here's my material description:

Hook: Partridge CS54 #6 Head: Goldhead 4 mm Tail: Marabou Rusty brown, Flashabou Mirage Orange Body: Angeldub Orange Rib: Goldrib Small, Hackle: Whiting Rooster cape Brown Legs: Rubberlegs brown (optional)

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