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Coq de leon Wolly Bugger

There is a lot of things you can tie with Coq de Leon, it is very versatile! If you get the opportunity to look at a Whiting Coq de Leon neck you should take the chance! You can tie dry flies or nymph’s using it as a tail fibers, all sorts of streamers, as hackle on large dry flies, to tie shrimp versions or in salmon flies on ether hook or tube. They have resilient, shiny and thin hackle-fibers witch works great for most things. Here is a simple wolly bugger, a pattern I am sure will always have a place in my flybox.

Hook: Partridge Saltwater shrimp CS54 #4 Thread: Textreme Powertread 50 den. Eyes: Collored chain-eyes Medium Tail: Wapsi Marabou feather Brown Flash: Electric ripple ice fiber Fl Sunburst orange Ribbing: Copper tread Feather: Whiting Coq de Leon dyed orange Dubbing: Flashabou dubing copper, sealfur natural, STF dub tan and rust

Attach the chain-eyes close to the hook eye and go back with the thread to the point in level with the barb.

Tie in the marabou feathers pointing forward and cut of the leftovers before folding it over. Add one double folded strand of Electric ripple ice fiber.

Tie in the Coq de Leon feather in the tip of the feather. The colors are so beautiful on these feathers, this one is died orange.

Here I made a dubbing blend that turned out well! I mix it in an electric coffee-grinder.

With the marabou, the flash fiber, ribbing and feather in the way while dubbing it is a big help to use a small hair clip.

Finised fly after some brushing

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