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12 basic dries and nymphs for your Tjuonajokk or Ammarnäs trip

There is a lot of curious fly fisher's waiting for the snow and ice to melt in the Swedish Lapland. Actually, we just closed the spring season and stopped having guests for skiing, experience Sami culture, snowmobile driving and ice fishing. Now when the days are getting warmer it is time for the snow and ice to melt. The perfect time to tie some flies for the summer! I made a quick collection of flies listed below. I haven't tied myself, these are some flies from Fly Dressing that's been working well through the years. This means if you run out of them you can always complete with more from our shop in Ammarnäs or Tjuonajokk. Make sure to press in the barb on each dry fly or nymph, they are not needed. Of course, the once we sell are barbless.

Superpuppa. Caddis emerger. This is a Swedish pattern and among the most classic there is! A big two color body and an over-sized palmer hackle that you cut down on top and below. Tie them in size 10-14

TKK. Another Swedish pattern. This one is perfect to use when there is a lot of midges. Two black hackles with a black body in between. Tied with poly yarn on top of the body for better flotation and visibility Tie them in size 14-20

F-fly is a very simple fly that you are probably going to hate until you try it. Easy to tie even in small size. Tie them in hook size 14-22

Vindelns-gnat. Simple midge pattern created for the Vindelriver in Ammarnäs but works just as good för Tjuonajokk. Tie them in size 12-22. The Grayling in Tjuonajokk sometimes consumes enormous amounts of midges, then this is the pattern.

Olive Mayfly in size 12-16. Olive parachute is one of the best dry flies in Tjuonajokk.

Yellow May in size 10. When they hatch you are happy you have this pattern in the box. The insect is very visible on the surface so you will see them. They hatch in July.

Brown mayfly in size 10-16. Basic pattern that can be tied in a variety of colors.

A smaller ephemera pattern. This CDC mayfly in size 14 is sometimes all you need. I like to tie them with an olive body but of course having different colors is important.

Elk hair caddis is my all time favorite caddis imitation. Make sure to bring at least size 12.

Näsbergspuppan got its name from a lake in Ammarnäs. Näsbergstjärn. My favorite size is hook size 12. One more emerger that suits well not only in lakes but also in rivers for trout and Grayling.

I use to have a few pheasant tail nymphs in small sizes with me. Tie them in 16-18

Gray nymphs are my favorite! In everything from 10 to 16 size.

Here are some more flies that use to work good, these are well-known patterns that I don't think require any further presentation: Streaking Caddis Goddard Caddis Klinkhammer Red tag Black gnat Europe 12 Spent Spinner Hares ear nymph

It’s an insect that can emerge in big numbers in the Swedish mountains, it seems like they emerge only in one of three years but when they do you wished you spared a row in the flybox for these guys!

Bibio is a large two winged insect, about 1 cm long and wide as a caddis so it’s a meaty snack for the grayling and trout. It doesn’t look like it at all but it’s a kind of mosquito and for its size you should be happy it won’t bite you!... Read more

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