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Float-aid worm

Do you want to find the most simple and fastest tied fly that you just can produce in big numbers in a variety of colors? Look no further! The Gothenburg pattern I couldn't be without, killer worm (dräparmask) This fly is just as stupid simple as it looks. It is a marabou feather on a hook. I tweaked it a little bit here to a  killer worm with life west. 

Why I added a piece of foam is to get this fly more suspending. I also added a strand of electric ripple ice fiber. Just one strand make an incredible fluorescent pop under the UV light. I mix in a little bit of long fiber dubbing in the marabou to make it a little bit more durable and easier to work with. 

Partridge popper is a funny looking hook that is very light, has a nice hook gap and a strange bump on the hook shank. This is to prevent a popper head from spinning on the hook. I see it as a perfect spot to attach a piece of foam on top of a worm pattern. The first time you tie this fly, make sure to tie on quite a long piece of foam. The fly on the picture has a trimmed down piece of foam. When you are out fishing and have the fly tied to your leader you can test fishing it. If it floats on the surface you can trim the foam like I have done with your clipper until it is at the level where you don't get it to float up to the surface but yet can stop pause the fly during the retrieve without snagging the bottom.

Material list:

Hook: Partridge popper CS41P #8

Thread: Textreme power thred 50 den.

Tail: Marabou fluorescent orange, electric ripple ice fiber fluorescent orange

Body: Marabou fluorescent orange mixed with a little bit of STF dubbing in orange

Back: 2mm foam orange

This fly has been working the best when the water is cold and calm. Try to pause the retrieve and count to ten. I do that in almost once in every cast and they often bite just then. When the weather is more rough there are other patterns that work better. Like a slightly weighted pattegris for example.

The fly I have chosen to give light to today is a real classic in the coastal fishing, both in Gotland and in other places. It has a great visibility in the water and a nice shrimp shape which works really good when the water is cold and during the whole spring. No fly-list for sea trout is complete without it. Here you can see what materials I use when I tie them. Continue reading...

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