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What Gloves Do I Use?

No matter if it is cold or warm I like to wear gloves when I fish.

Keep in mind to remove the gloves before touching a fish. With the Fish Monkey Bauers Grandma wool glove, I have the fingers free and can sometimes keep my gloves on if I hold the fish at my fingertips. With the long wrist section, I can wear my watch on the outside during cold days. Having a cold watch on my wrist has caused me pain over time for me before.

These gloves last very long and don't smell as bad as other gloves can.


The size stays as they come new or shrink slightly but nothing too drastic like with other wool gloves I have tried.

Bonus Tip!

I make sure to hang them to dry after every fishing day. I don't treat them in any other way.

There are versions with fingertips as well but the fingers length can be too long for some people like me.

Dip the fingers that are too long into warm water and they will shrink. Do that until the perfect size.


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