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Springtime Seatrout Approach

Among my friends I am that crazy person who while fishing practically run and at the same time be casting and taking in line. This is my recipe on how to fish a stretch of water and many of my guests practice for spring time seatrout, that time is now finally on its way to Scandinavia!

On the west coast of Sweden the premiere fishing 1st of April is only a week away. Here on Gotland where I am based the seatrout fishing is open year round. Water temperature is now about 3-4 degrees Celsius and it feels like the time when the seatrout bonanza starts is getting real close! During the winter months the amount of food has been very sparse but the more intense sun and heat means more food to eat and also a faster metabolism for all fish who lives in it. We coastal fisherman all know that feeling when finding a group of fish and every cast in that place gives you contact or a possibility to hook a nice fish. That is the place I want to find every single day in the best of worlds and what makes me addicted to coastal fishing. How do you get effective on finding that as a fly fisherman? I have a few tricks and methods you can apply to your fishing to get there.

1. Fish before you walk

You should very rarely wade deep but keep in mind that even with water only to your knees there can be seatrout in there chasing food. Make a cast in the direction you are planning to move before you do so.

[if !supportLists]2. Use a line basket

There will be a lot of walking and to do so effectively and still have control over the line I’m using a line basket. When you take the line in you should focus on that and when you have retrieved all line you have it in the basket and can move easily.

3. Take the whole line in and make sure nothing followed

It's not always that the fish are in the mood to take the fly you are presenting them. Take the whole fly line in and see and also than check your fly in etch cast to make sure everything is okay. Often the fish takes up close too!

[if !supportLists]4. [endif]Take it to your advantage that you as a group can fish faster and more efficient

When you are in a group you can much faster cover water with a smaller risk of missing out on something because you have more hooks in the water.

Seatrout fishing is not done like this everywhere but I hope you can feel inspired and try this out. I’m well aware that i in my method of fishing I have seatrout seeing my fly and that further hammering on that spot may have led to that the fish actually were going to bite. I shake those thoughts away and focus on the next piece of water because a cast on an unfished spot is an better cast than one repeating the same as the previous.

Many things change the way I'm fishing. But in clear, warm and calm water I’m sweeping over the spots like a maniac!

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