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Dirt roads to fish

Welcome to fish on Gotland! Now the most intense month is here and there are many ways to a successful fishing!

Its been boiling underneath the surface for a while and I’m glad that Nicka Hellenberg a little bit surprisingly brought it up on a seminar I attended about the Gotland Trout and pike this winter. The use of dirt roads. I'm not going to hold on to the message I want to share. Think about showing respect when driving down to the fishing spot for the day. Take signs seriously and drive carefully in housing areas.

Some coastal areas are being closed for people to visit with car and a big reason is the aggressive use from seatrout angler’s with the result that the landowners block it from public use.

Personally i find it quite interesting in those areas that now is more difficult to reach, but please take it slow and don’t worry there is still a ton of good places witch is reached with ease, we have 800 kilometers of shoreline to offer.

The season has been great this far so I’m really looking forward to do more guiding’s now!

I know the feeling how stressed you can be leading to that heavy foot, I have the pressure of being expected to find fish every day!

Here are a few tips on how to save time between the fishing spots without driving fast.

1. Have things prepared so you can start fishing immediately.

2. There are great seat covers at for example "Biltema" so you can were wet waders in the car.

3. Get a pair of rod racks, a trustful pair. If your hood are magnetic like mine i recommend using those magnetic ones!

4. Take the spots in an order so you have to drive as little as possible.

5. Grass is not always greener on the other side.

Here is one of our older videos from FishYourDream witch I really think capture the beauty of our coast!

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