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September Searunbrown

The coastline is almost empty from people, the summer breeze still exists on some days, the fish is aggressive. What more can you ask for? September is an underestimated time for seatrout fishing I would say!

Sitting on the ferry about to leave the beautiful island Gotland I call home. For the next three months I'm going to be guiding in Ammarnäs and Tjuonajokk instead. Today is not so bad at all siting out on sundeck on the ferry with 25 degrees in the air when we are about to leave Visby. We are sitting high up so from here you can see the coastline for several kilometers. The conditions are looking good for fishing there but life is about making decisions, its better to travel further north. The water is getting warmer and not only makes that the seatrout trickier to catch also worse for the fish if I'm about to do catch and release on a trout it should at least not be over 18 degrees in the water.

So heading for Ammarnäs where the snow is still melting, next time I see Gotland will be mid-September. When the vast majority of tourists enter the island I'm leaving, not because I don't like them but because I'm kind of haunted by trout.

Nowadays September is a good opportunity for me to have time to relax and to get in touch with those big yellow and aggressive trout about to spawn later on during the fall, but also good silver fish go surprisingly close to shore! A trout about to spawn use to react extra much on fluorescent colors and in mid-September is the time they start gathering for mowing into the bay’s and eventually the stream they were born.

It’s easy to enjoy fishing during this period, I do a lot more guiding’s in October although I like the month before at least as much! Very few make it over here to Gotland fishing seatrout in September, I hope that a few brave once out there willing to try it out! I share this well in advance so give it a thought, in the best of worlds then contact me for a guided trip!

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