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Autumn + Brenda is love!

Colder season coming up, make sure to tie some of this very effective pattern! In the autumn I use a lot of brown flies, the size is depending a little bit on water temperature. In warm water like in September and oktober there is a lot of bait-fish and such still in their diet so they are more prepared to take a bigger fly. But the colder it gets the more I downsize.

How the season works you often come in contact with a lot of fish around mid September, most of them are yellow and about to spawn. Read my article about September Searunbrown When the restricted areas kicks in here on Gotland now 1:st of October the fishing can get quite tricky for a while. There is 25 areas around Gotland including one stream on Fårö witch you have to be aware of. Its not because the good spots for fishing now is closed, its not at al like that. The reason why it can be slow is depending on water temperature! While writing this 5th of Oktober it is 14 degrees in the water still. Fish on its way spawning is at this point not rely willing to bite anymore so fish close to the spawning streams just before the restrictions kick' in, it ain't worth it!

Small but caught recently on Brenda

The fishing is not over at al though! Numerous trout skip spawning so what you are left with is the real silver torpedoes! In this time year after year some spots are proving to hold silver sea trout even though temperatures is around 10-13 degrees in the water. I save details like that to those who actually come on guided fishing. There is no guarantees in fishing and this time is often quite difficult with fly but there are spots that hold more fish than other. Often quite large flies and faster retrieve works good now!

Peak season

The best period to fish during autumn is the beginning of November until mid December depending on how the temperature is. Brenda will be a really good pattern then and in small sizes it is my number one pick! That's when they go really close and if the conditions are good on the spot they really go in on the shallow's to feed. That's exiting stuff!

Here are the materiallist to tie Brenda:

Hook: Partridge Sea Streamer #8 Thread: Textreme Powerthread 50 den. Head: Gold head 3 mm Rib: Goldrib small Dubbing: Salmo supreme rainbow Tail and palmer-hackle: Rooster cape Medium Ginger

Tips when tying Brenda:

  1. Take several big feathers and put it in the same time in the magic tool table clip and move the feathers over to the other clip and cut of all the hackle stems. Pack it together with the Magic tool stacker and you have now tail material for several flies and can just pull out the amount you need for each fly. It's easy!

  2. Rib the fly with a lot of tension on the ribbing and in contrary to the way you tied the hackle.

  3. Brush out the dubbing hard, I use aluminum brush.

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