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The Cold Winter Fly Fishing (1/3) Clothes

This is a new mini series on my blog, it's about how to fly fish during the cold months. During January, three Sundays in a row you can read about my tips and tricks on how to be efficient and catch fish during winter. This is the first chapter which is going to be about how to get dressed to keep the cold out from limiting your time fishing.

This series is especially thought to help you get better results when fishing on the coast but you may find most of the things in the series interesting if you are for example fishing sea trout in rivers or any other species when the temperature is around or below the freezing point

I fish on Gotland during the whole winter, the coldest months are January and February where I don't recommend you going here to be honest. The risk is just too big for you having very cold temperatures making it impossible to fish. Some days are not too cold, they are difficult to plan a trip on but those days are exactly what these articles is for because those days can be great!

I will later on wright about what expectations you can have, tactics and tips. Also, why the fishing can be good and what you should think differently compared to other seasons. Now today's subject is about the clothes I'm wearing. I sometimes get questions about clothes so I thought i share with you what I wear during the most challenging time of the year, so here it is!


2nd: Aclima woolnet

3rd: Thick Flece Shorts


1st: Thin wool sock

4th: Wading boots (gravelguards to protect the neopren wader)


Two layers of "Fir Skin" gloves

If its below the freezing point I may chose neopren gloves instead

Head and neck:

1st: Buff, FishYourDream apparel

2nd: Thin hat - All Swedish anglers should sopport Sportfiskarna

Upper body:

2nd: Aclima woolnet

5th: Float Underwear

Next Sunday there will be an article packed with tips and tricks on what you can do and small things that can really help you in both staying warm, dry and catching more fish. Don't miss out on the following chapters, subscribe down below!

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