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Hot-Orange Shrimp

If you like to have a large winter fly this can be something for you! I like to have at least one a bit larger fly on the leader and this has been working good since I tied a bunch of these late last year. The inspiration to tie these came when I found a small piece of spey hackle in a Fly Tier's Variety Pack I bought. The fly is pretty much tied like the fly pattegrisen, so if you haven't tried tying a shrimp similar to this before you can here watch a video of how it is made. Step by Step Flytying - Pattegrisen

Hook: Partridge cs54 #4

Thread: Textreme Standard 6/0 Fluo Orange

Weight: Tiny piece of Tungsten-sheet

Tail: Rump Hackle Natural, Spey Rooster Cape Orange

Ribbing: Mono Thread

Eyes: Easy shrimp eyes - Black

Dubbing: Fine UV Ice Dubbing Orange

Hackle: Spey Rooster Cape Orange

Back: Craft Fur Bright Orange

Here I fished the Hot-orange shrimp as a dropper-fly with an olive wolly bugger on the leader as well. XO floating line retrieved with fast stripping 1,2,3 followed by a long stop. It took very close and on the strip. This January fish took on the frist cast fishing the very shallow water just in front of me! Photo: Simon Gustafsson

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