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Vision coastal lines range, what fly lines I use! 2018 update

This is a follow-up to one of the most read articles I have ever made on this blog. I often have questions about fly lines and my last post about lines are now outdated with so many new lines on the market, so it is the time that I present an updated version for season 2018. My old post will remain where it is but some lines are not on the market anymore and some new lines are so great I am sure they are here to stay for a long long time. I will go through and show when and for what I use each type of line and then present what I find to be the best option for you to use. Of course, there are other lines and brands out there and if you get the opportunity, try some lines when selecting a new one. I can really recommend these lines because they have given me such a nice time and having such a complete range can really give you an advantage out there!

Floating range:

This fish took a dropper fly presented with a floating line and a foam shrimp at the end of the leader. Could be the most effective setup for cold water. A floating line is nowadays rarely used and for most people a line they only use in winter for really slow retrieves, anyhow its nothing wrong with that but I ask you to consider using it more than in wintertime, a slow retrieved fly can be good no matter season and water temperature!

When the line is floating it doesn't disturb the water in the same way as the other lines do. It is not always the perfect option because you lose contact with the fly in big waves.

ONKI 110 New line for 2018. Onki has a head length of 11 meters. The keen eye can spot this line in the picture above. Tuomas Rytkönen brought this line when visiting us on Gotland with great results. With this line among the XO lines and other lines released in 2017 and later Vision has taken a big step in developing lines that are much more tangle free.

XO FLOAT I have to admit that I now own 4 of these lines. It is my favorite! What is remarkable about this line is that with just a short head length outside the rod tip you already have a proper load to the rod. When you continue casting with a long line there is not the same limit in how much line you can carry. This was a big discussion when we used this line for a fly casting competition on the Swedish sports fishing fair last year. It was too good for distance casting, so the casting area where way to small for such a line.

XO line on the stylish XO reel

Intermediate range:

A nice day in the spring with some wind. Then you can not go wrong with this line! It is the line most people use. The goal with a line like this is to have good contact with the fly even when there are waves. And it does so with great success.

Most days of the week, this is the line to use. A must when the water level is high in the sea.

XO INTERMEDIATE New line for 2018. The best line for coastal fishing! Shoots like the thinnest shooting lines but with great control and precision. The whole line has the same coating and compared with the kust line below it shoots better thanks to the thin running line. This is the line to prefer of the two if you are using line basket.

Thank's to the great people over on Vision I have the possibility to give away a fly line. And this is my no.1 choice in #7. What an amazing line it is! The winner also gets some flies I have tied that I think will serve you well in your coastal fishing during spring. More details at the bottom of this page. A winner will be drawn among subscribers to the blog.

XO line shown under water

KUST INTERMEDIATE Since the release, it has become one of the classics among sea trout fly lines. I use this line in big waves witch it often is on Gotland. Sinks just enough to not go up in the tip of the wave. Nice turnover and a 10-meter head is a comfortable length that still allows longer casts. If you just want one line I would suggest this one if you don't use line basket. The running line floats and that helps it from getting tangled in seaweed.

VIBE 85 INTERMEDIATE Same density as the lines above but with a shorter more aggressive head. I have one of these lines on eight weight rigged to an eight weight kust rod. Whenever there is a guest that doesn't know casting so well or just want a rod that is easy to cast with than I give them this setup. To reach 20 meters takes very little practice. It is also very good at handling tough wind which can really make a difference when you have the wind in your face. Also nice when using heavier flies like jiggy flies.

Sinking lines

Something I have started using more since the last post about fly lines. Much to thank that I have started to appreciate belly boat fishing much more but also to use when fishing from the shore.

I have some heavy weighted flat wing flies in my box so I can fish it with a slow intermediate line. But the best way to fish a flat wing is to have it without the weight and use a sinking line instead and retrieve it fast. Is this something worth trying? Yeah! The bites are incredible!

KUST SINK 2 When the sea is dead flat it can be tough getting the fish taking a fly close to the surface, Try this sink 2 line. Really nice to cast with considering its a sinking line. An Important line for any coastal fisher no matter if fishing from the shore or from a belly boat.

VIBE 85 SINK 3 New line for 2018. Updated coating for better durability and fewer tangles. Sinks quite a lot more than the sink 2 line. Just like it should. I have only used this line from a belly boat.

BOTTOM EXPRESS You can use this line for booby fishing sand or mud bottom. Tie a pink and flashy fly with good movement with foam eyes. Tie it to a short leader and you have a good setup for the winter fishing on soft bottoms. I also use to fish this line from a belly boat. Sinks like an anchor. 200 grains works great on a seven weight rod.

Shooting heads

KUST SHOOTING HEAD'S Very fun to fish with because it shoots like crazy. The clear float is a very popular line to fish with and slow intermediate is the option if you prefer a shooting head instead of the normal kust slow intermediate WF line. What you lose with a shooting head is a bit of accuracy and also the turnover is a bit weaker since there is very little friction from the shooting line. It can make it tough to get a proper turnover whit the wind in your face.

ULTRA LIGHT NYMPH I got a good tip for fishing shooting heads from Steffan Jensen to use the competition nymph fly line as shooting line. It got premade loops on both ends and are a very low stretch. I should recommend you to only use this nymph line when having a line basket.

Walking along the Gotland shorelines, covering lime rock bottom, seaweed fields and deeper edges. Just hammering with the slow intermediate like everyone else seems like a simple solution but being able to present the fly with control at the required depth and speed is just as important as what fly you use! Read more...

Win XO fly line and flies

Will be drawn on April 24th and contacted by email. Are you already a subscriber you are among the ones that have the chance to win! I pay for the shipping if you are living in Scandinavia. Cost for foreign shipping may be needed if you live far away. Subscribe down below.

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