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Magic Head-Fly for Night Fishing

Here is a useful pattern when night fishing for big trout in Ammarnäs or Tjuonajokk. I think it is a bit odd compared to what most people fish with in rivers. My favorite way to fish this fly is in a deep and slow pool. Preferably with a floating or slow intermediate line in late August, when the nights turn really dark. The aggressive movement of the fly will be a very visible silhouette towards the sky. This fish above is caught in Ammarnäs the summer 2015.

I am so happy when someone mentions that they are inspired by me for my postings here and in social medias. To you guys I want to say thank you so much for sharing your inspirations one more step! I will keep to do my best to reach out personally to each one of you and I hope I have done so.

The cool flies here above is tied by:

Well onto today's fly, this is a fly I have been using for several years, especially since this glow in the dark Flashabou was released on the market a few years ago that just added on to the fly made it even better looking! The bead inside the magic head is a weighted bead just like a goldhead but it is colored with glow in the dark colors. I can´t tell you where to bye these beads unfortunately, I have had them for a very long time but I guess you could get the same result if you color a 4 mm bead yourself or if you are lucky and find it somewhere. Glow in the dark epoxyeyes could also be an option that is easier to find. For these epoxyeyes you can just ask in your local fishing-store that sells flytying materials from Fly Dressing. If you use epoxyeyes then you put the magic head all the way towards the hookeye and glue on the eyes just behind the magic head the last thing you do. When having a beadhead like I have I fish the magic head size 13 in full size and don't cut it. It swims very nicely then but please share your experience if you do differently. If I wouldn't have a bead I would cut off a small onion ring and cut a small lip compensating for the weight of the hook bend. The best is not to cut too much before testing it in the water.

My favorite water to fish this fly is in a slow and deed pool. Preferably with a floating line or slow intermediate, here I used the Vision Vibe 85 slow intermediate. The aggressive movement of the fly will be a very visible silhouette towards the sky. I don't put it under the flashlight before I fish it so I'm not sure how much "glow" the fish will see but I belie it will make some difference anyhow. actually I try to avoid using any light when I stand in the stream, if the trout isn’t aware that I'm there that's the biggest advantage I can have. Even if it is so dark I can’t see my own hands I don't use ant light.

Here you have the fly! Again thank you for writing such nice things to me lately, it makes me very glad and motivated to share more things with you! Happy Valentine's Day!


Hook: Partridge attitude streamer #2 Tread: Textreme power tread Tail: Black marabou Flash: Flashabou glow in the dark - White Dubbing: Fine UV Ice Dubbing Black Ribing: Super Long Hair Chenille Head: Glow in the dark beadhead, Magic Head size 13

You have to thread the beadhead on first and then the magic head. The same way as the beadhead, this is a little more tricky then normal. I use to prepare a whole bunch at the same time before starting tying the flies.

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