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XO Flyrod

The next step is taken in the high-end range of rods. The XO rod from Vision is the best rod I have ever used. It is light in the hand. The action is fast but bends deep. Dampens very quickly leaving your line and your casting no disturbance. You can really see this when studying the line in the air.

I have the 9’6 foot seven weight rod. I have received questions as soon as I post a picture of this new rod. This is the longest rod I have on the coast and something extra ordinary so I thought i share my review of it here. When casting and fishing with it the only way to tell it is a longer rod is to measure it against your friends 9 foot rod, the length most people use. The light well balanced feel does not make it feel like a long rod at all! Something I use to say when recommending a rod to someone, of you are looking for a budget alternative that you are going to appreciate you should avoid a longer rod. With a longer rod, more can go wrong. They will feel more heavy and are often wobblier. I have realized when looking at the high-end range rods, don’t be afraid to test the longer rods. The more you will appreciate the quality of the rod, every extra inch of it. So, the 9’6 quickly became the streamer rod for life!

Photo: Albin Hillert

When making some extensive reading on this rod I realize why it is so good. It’s because the very best components are used in the production! Titanium recoil guides and stripping guides that are the lightest you can find attached to the natural unsanded and unpainted nano blank.

The design is very nice as well so what more can you ask for?

You will have the possibility to test this rod at the sport fishing fare in Jönköping in just a few weeks! I have also got the opportunity to display a fly casting-demo on the fair! The demo wont be about the XO rod though! I have something else in mind. I will be representing Vision in flyfishing & Fly Dressing, I hope to meet you there!

Sportfiskemässan 2017 Elmia:

17-19 of March

Time for my fly casting demo on the main casting area:

Friday: 11:30 - 11:45

Saturday: 12:00 - 12:15

Sunday: 12:15 - 12:30

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