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Mulkkis - The pink shrimp

One of those unique flies for Seatrout fishing, this pink carrot looking fly can be really effective sometimes. The shape is something you can cut down yourself. It is a Finnish style fly that is very popular in our neighbor country and something they use to bring with a lot of confident when they travel to us at FishYourDream- Gotland. Here is @tapanihen with a seatrout caught on Mulkkis last week. He counted down the depth with the Vision Kust line for 15 seconds before starting a slow retrieve.

Material list:

Hook: Partridge CS54NI #6 Thread: Textreme powerthread 50 den Weight: Tungsten sheet Tail: Rabithair fluorecent pink Eyes: Shrimp eyes medium Body: Cactuschenille 6mm - Fluo Fuchsia

Here is the Mulkkis, you can tie them in many different sizes.

In Denmark also called glimmerrejen. I prefer the Finnish name just because it is so fun to pronounce and because of my parentage partly is from Finland.I send this as a last minute tying tip for those who are traveling to Gotland during the spring. Eventually, I will probably tweak a Gotland style version of this pattern even more after some more test version but I think it is important that it still remains very compact with a clear silhouette. Very visible in water with a lot of movement or on a cloudy day it suits just perfectly! In dirty water though, the cactus chenille is just awful, it gets stuck all over the fly!

@myflyfishingdiary caught this seatrout on mulkkis yesterday when we were out fishing. Quick retrieve but with long stops. BOOM!

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