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The J-Fly!

Here on Gotland, the water is getting slightly warmer and warmer. That means that fish imitations are getting better as well. This seatrout on the picture was caught on "The J-Fly". I came up with this fly by looking on different patterns like Crazy Charlie, Jiggyfly and some other saltwater patterns. So I made a "mix" out from those flies into one, the fly includes a lot of materials and takes a little bit of time to tie.

So you might wonder who I am! My name is Jerome Saunders and I work as a fly-fishing guide at Fishyourdream. Right now I am on Gotland, guiding together with Robert! I am also guiding in Ammarnäs during the summers but let's focus on Gotland for now! I must say Gotland is a fantastic island if you love fly fishing for seatrout. It has such cool places, the bottom types jump from one to another in just small distances, I believe there is no other place like this around the Swedish coastline. Imagine you are out fishing a location filled with stones for example and you feel like this is not the place for today, then you can just move 100m and you find another place with plateaus of limestone which is a totally different structure. You would me amazed hehe... So this is my first guest writing on Roberts blog and I believe it won't be the last either. Hope you enjoy it! Oh and yea.. we should not talk about the average size of the seatrouts over here.. it's crazy!

Here is the material list: Hook: Patridge Attitude streamer #2 Eyes: I-Balz black nickel 3-4mm

Tagg: SLF Saltwater Fl.Orange (make sure to brush it) Leggs: Silly legs pumpking Orange

Body: Hares Dub Color Ginger Head: Ice Dub and Hares Dub Color Ginger (make sure to brush it a lot) Wing in order: Bucktail Olive, Few stripes of Electric Ripple ice fiber sunburst orange, Craft fur in color Tan and then a small stripe of Pink upper neath. Then add one stripe of flash to each side.

So how do I fish this fly and with what? I use Kust #7 weight rod with an #7 Intermediate kust line but also a #7 Sink2 kust line. The line choice depends on what depth I'm fishing on. I would not recommend you to use any lighter rod than #7 as this is a quite heavy fly. The retrieving can be really fast and intensive pulls with a few pauses to fish it with more long pulls with a lot of pauses in between. As the fly has a jiggy movement I get a lot of my strikes when the fly is dropping which means in the pauses when the fly is slowly sinking towards the bottom as the wing spreads out wider.

When do I use the fly? I use this fly when the water has become a little bit warmer in the spring, at least around 7 degrees. When the water is at that temperature you can start to fish much faster which fits this fly perfect. As the fly is pretty heavy, slow retrieving is not the best choice.

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