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Fly Tv reactions and fly patterns explained

It is finally out there! The fly tv episode Pontus Sjölund, Steffan Jensen and I made on Gotland this spring. There is no major spoiler in this text, you can read through this post and still enjoy the episode afterwards.

In the past I have been questioned on my belly boat fishing, and told that it is dangerous and not worth the hassle. However, I have always loved this style of fishing and I think that it adds a new dimension to the traditional sea trout fishing. Of course there are considerations to be made to ensure safety (such as proper equipment maintenance, and monitoring weather and water conditions), but the same is true of all outdoor activities. And when you make so little noise and sit so low you can come closer to the fish than you can with any other method. This video is something I will use in the future as a statement for why belly boat fishing is so wonderful. You can also read one of my earlier blogposts where I made a review of the two different belly boats used in the video and where I also talked about the benefits of fishing from a belly boat. Read the review here

Gotland! I'm so proud to show this destination again in the FLY TV format. Previously there have been two FLY TV squeeze episodes made here. Per Jobs, the founder of Fish Your Dream, is fishing in those videos together with myself and Niklaus Bauer. From the time of those earlier episodes until now my sea trout fishing has changed in more ways than that I just started using a belly boat once in a while. The way I fish a stretch of water has changed and also I have more things that I look for in the weather when I plan a day of fishing. It is an ongoing journey to become more knowledgeable about fishing, I learn more from each day now than I did before, and I am continuing to challenge myself and try influences from other persons and places in the world. However, one fun thing to see is that one of my flies from this new video looks almost the same back in the 2014 videos, and the trout still seem to like it.

You can watch the FLY TV squeeze episodes here >Episode 1< >Episode 2<

For you that had not known of this place before, Gotland is the Fish Your Dream location that is the furthest south in Sweden. Here we find sea trout in stunningly beautiful nature, and it doesn’t hurt that the average weight of the fish is high. I traditionally only did guiding of wade fishing, but now also have everything we need for belly boat guiding for smaller groups of one or two anglers.

You can read more about it here on Fish Your Dream website

The video showed us using a few different fly patterns, some of which I have discussed or mentioned on the blog before. Now that you can see them in action in the video I thought this would be a good opportunity to share more details on some of the patterns and highlight a few older posts.

Here is a fly that is new for the blog and a great option for sea trout when the visibility is low. You can watch Steffan use it in the video. Craft fur gives a good contrast and motion, and combined with very fluorescent colors it is a perfect fly to use during cloudy days or when the water is a bit murky.

I want the length of this fly to be approximately 8-9 cm, including the magic head pointing forward. When I tied the fly I cut down the size of the magic head by a little bit more than 1 mm to properly match the head size to the size of the fly.

Material list

Hook: Partridge attitude streamer #2

Head: Magic head #3

Thread: UTC thread 140 fl. shell pink

Tail: Craft fur salmon pink

Dubbing: Senyo's laser dub shrimp pink, SLF saltwater fl. shell pink, SLF saltwater fl. orange, SLF prism shrimp pink

Chenille ribbing: Polar chenille fl. shell pink

Senyo's laser dub shrimp pink (left) and Craft fur salmon pink (right) goes so well together.

I make a blend of several synthetic dubbings to create a mix of colour and effect that I like. It is fun way to give each batch of flies more personality and more of that special magic that comes with really making them your own. If you don’t want to blend so many dubbings or would like a simpler mix I would recommend starting with a mix of Senyo's laser dub shrimp pink and one dubbing with more flash.

Easy flies are made many at once.

Tied in reverse, the craft fur makes less tangles.

More flies featured in the video are on my blog already

The pink blob I used in the video is an oversized mulkkis. How I tied it can be seen in this blogpost. How do you make it bigger? For larger eyes than the original easy shrimp eyes I put on an extra layer of black Gulff UV resin. The body I make thicker by wrapping on more than one layer of chenille. Wrap until you have a thick bulky body. The hook used in the video is a size 2 Partridge Attitude Streamer.

Jiggyfly is a pattern I have been using for a long time and with great success. The fly I used in the video is tied following the instructions in this blogpost.

There is also a new fly tv featuring one of Steffans favorite sandeel flies, you can watch it here

Spey jiggy is a fly that is also shown in the video, even though it didn’t deliver any fish on camera. If you noticed me talking about it and got curious, here is a material list:

Hook: Partridge Predator Trout #2

Thread: Textreme Power Thread 50 den

Eyes: Fly Dressing - reel eyes 4,8 mm

Tail: Whiting spey hackle colored grizzly brown, Zonker stripe - brown

Flash: Ripple ice fiber - Copper, Electric ripple ice fiber - Florescent Orange

Hackle: Whiting spey hackle colored grizzly brown

Body: Senyos laser dub - rusty bronze

Edit: Samuel Blyth

Watch the video:

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