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The terrible day that turned into 75 cm Sea Trout on fly

This is the largest sea trout I have caught this season and I feel very pleased to finally been able to hold a fish like this because I have been so unlucky when getting hooked up with a big fish the last 1,5 years. When landing a fish this size you get many questions in subjects like: Where did you catch it? How far out did it take? What fly did you use? and so on. So I thought I'll write about all the facts about the fish down below combined with some pictures I yet haven't shown of the fish.


Backing: Dacspun backing 28 lb (it was needed)

Fly: Jiggyfly (Olive wolly bugger on the dropper)

Description of the place

It is a place where we often see a lot of sandeel. In the years that have passed, it is often in this area we see sandeel for the first time of the year. At this time there was also some eelpout active in the spots we fished that day. The bottom structure was of lime rock close to shore and further out there is a lot of big round rocks in water of 1,5-2 meters deep with seaweed growing on the bottom creating a nice leopard bottom. The fish took just a few strips from where the fly landed and with just a few turns of fly line left on the reel it was just a question of seconds before it was out on backing. I had the privilege to see it jump on the first run so I could tell it wasn't something small at the end of my line this time. Thank you Juuso Karikoski for the landing and the luxury of letting me fish during the day! This is an area where we have caught a lot of big fish for several years now!

Notes in my daily fishing diary

Water Temperature: 7C

Water Level: Just above normal (+5cm)

Water Color: Very clear

Date: 2017-04-13 11:45

Air Pressure: 1015 mslp

Wind: 5m/s North

Earlier in the morning when I met up with the guests I had two rods on the roof of the car and made a clumsy move to drive backwards into a tree. The extreme bend of the rods was painful to see but luckily they were both my rods and not my guest's rods as well. My brand new Onki flyrod snapped right off in the tip but that the even longer OX rod didn't break was impressive! I guess it is thanks to the new innovating nano technique that vision used when developing these strong blanks.

Just like YouTube does it's time for a rewind and see and analyse what happened during the year and read about what to come. I don't think YouTube have as much planes for 2017 as I do...

If you have taken part in these very irregularly published texts since the beginning you have seen and been a part of my first year in operating my own blog, or nine months to be precise but with this year ending it's a new chapter beginning. Thank you for taking your time to visit my page, even if this is your first time here! You have come to a category based platform where you can read about what interest you and explore further topics in the same interest. Just click the banners above the blog post you found helpful... Read more

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