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Magic Head on the coast - How and When?

The innovating movement of this fly is astonishing. The Magic Head will change the way you fish and the way fish react to your flies. Flipped forwards, the magic head will give your patterns more of a side-to-side action than any other fly. I have got several questions regarding magic head on the coast and there have even been rumors that they don't work on Gotland. Here I will cover the basics of what it is and talk about when is the most beneficial to try to tie one on.

It is all about the movement, depending on how you retrieve the fly you can achieve different movements but also whit what kind of fly you use. In general, there are three different kinds of movement you can do with a fly. There is the jigging action, standard streamer retrieve and side to side action. To achieve this you do best by choosing the right fly. Most people fish just the standard streamer retrieve. I strongly encourage the jigging movements in the flies when the water is warm. When the water is colder though a jigging action can be too much work for a sea trout to catch up with. It is also very hard to fish a heavy weighted fly slow enough not to get stuck in the bottom. When the water is cold you want to present something that remains in the same water column but with a lot of movement. This side to side works really good and it can actually be easier to keep a slow retrieve without snagging the bottom since the resistance of the magic head keeps it from sinking. By putting a weighted bead inside the magic head before you tie the fly you can fish it more up and down in the water column, this works great in the spring when the water starts to reach 6 degrees or higher.

Here is a material list to one of the color combination I like the most.

Another rumor about these magic heads is that they are difficult to cast. I would say that they are not only easy to cast but also the safest. With the head flipped forward it is almost impossible to hurt yourself, others or the rod if you get hit by the fly. Plenty of video material has made about these flies so I add two video's, first a video on how you fish the magic head and then a video on how to tie them.

Here is a useful pattern when night fishing for big trout in Ammarnäs or Tjuonajokk. I think it is a bit odd compared to what most people fish with in rivers. My favorite way to fish this fly is in a deep and slow pool. Preferably with a floating or slow intermediate line in late August, when the nights turn really dark. The aggressive movement of the fly will be a very visible silhouette towards the sky. This fish above is caught in Ammarnäs the summer 2015 Read More...

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